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Digital Asset Services

  • Digital Asset Funds
  • Foundation Companies
  • Real World Asset Programs 
  • Physical Presence Solutions

Governance Services

Serving as directors of Cayman Islands funds, investment managers, foundations and project companies.

  • Investment Fund and Corporate Governance
  • Foundation Company Supervisor Services
  • Trust Enforcer and Protector Roles

Corporate Services

Providing formation and registered office services to Cayman Islands companies, partnerships and foundations.

  • Entity Formation and Registered Office Services
  • Corporate Secretarial and Board Support Services
  • Investment Fund Registration and Regulatory Agency Filing Services
  • Registrar and Transfer Agent Services

Compliance Services

Providing AML and FATCA/CRS compliance to investment funds and financial services businesses.

  • Full AML Program and AML Officer Services
  • FATCA and CRS Officer, Registration and Filing Services
  • Investor Onboarding, CDD/KYC and Ongoing Monitoring Services
  • Specialized Compliance Programs for Digital Asset Projects 

Leeward understands the unique challenges and opportunities of the emerging digital asset space, where we have developed leading expertise. We share that knowledge and guide our clients through this rapidly changing landscape. 

With the rapid institutionalization of digital assets, having independent, non-executive directors who provide investors and stakeholders with an added layer of transparency, accountability and expertise is often a critical element to ensuring a project's success. 

Our digital asset services offering includes:

Digital Asset Funds

  • Director services, management company support, investor onboarding and monitoring services, AML program and officer services

Foundation Companies

  • Formation, governance services, AML/Secretary services, supervisory and ancillary services

Real World Asset Programs 

  • Entity formation and structuring, bank account opening and operation, bankruptcy remote/off balance sheet investment structure governance and maintenance

Physical Presence Solutions

  • Hosting of project companies to establish and meet Cayman Islands physical presence requirements

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